The Gogglebox stars Stephen Webb & Christopher Steed collect the National Television Award for the third year running.

The stars of the small screen turned out for the National Television Awards which took place at London's O2 Arena.

Hosted by Dermot O'Leary, the show included Stephen Webb and Christopher Steed receiving their award, Gogglebox has won an award three years in a row and all the winners are voted for by viewers.

Gogglebox was crowned the winner of Factual Entertainment. Stephen and Chris thanked their production team and Channel 4 for all the support along the way, they didn't fail to amuse with their sense of humour and loveable characters.

Roll on next year...


Backstage interview with the winners.

The new Sainsbury's advert including Gogglebox stars Stephen Webb & Christopher Steed.

Three genuine Gogglebox households (Jenny and Lee, Giles and Mary and Stephen and Chris) are watching both of our Christmas adverts. But as the chatting continues, reality blends with stop-motion as the Googlebox stars become part of Sainsbury's Christmas world.

The break was created, filmed and edited in partnership with Gogglebox creators’ Studio Lambert, with the stop-motion elements being produced by the talented team at Passion, responsible for the Christmas campaign.

Tania Alexander, creator and executive producer of Gogglebox said: “We are fiercely protective of both the Gogglebox brand and the Gogglebox cast and only consider brands with an obvious fit, but Sainsbury’s really fitted the bill.

“The cast involved thoroughly enjoyed the filming and making of the ad and from my point of view it’s instantly recognisable as a Gogglebox moment but with something uniquely special on top.”


See Stephen and Chris in the Sainsbury's Ad.

The new EE ad with Kevin Bacon is just fabulous...

Stephen and friend Chris from Channel 4's Gogglebox have teamed up with 'A list' film star Kevin Bacon to appear in EE's latest ad for their new TV service. The 40-second clip starts with Bacon arriving by helicopter at the Brighton home of TV-loving duo Steed and Webb before joining them on the sofa to chat about EE TV.

The actor explains it is now possible to record four programmes at once, and to 'flick' programmes from tablets or mobiles onto the TV screen. Stephen looks at him and says "It's amazing Kev". Chris then asks Kevin "How can we ever repay you". Bacon then requests a viewing of the Gogglebox star Chris's famous pink shorts, before making a dramatic exit in the helicopter.

Stephen and Chris jumped at the opportunity to star alongside Hollywood's superstar Kevin Bacon. Why wouldn't they? He's a legend. The Gogglebox stars said "it's not every day a Hollywood superstar stops by for a cup of tea and to watch some TV".

Although Stephen and Chris have enjoyed some great celebrity experiences they both admit that they remain grounded and are aware and appreciate that this brush with fame may not last forever. Chris and Stephen both own salons and are very much involved in the day to day running of them.

See Stephen and Chris sharing a sofa with Kevin Bacon in the new EE ad.


One of those Gogglebox hysterical moments...

Stephen and Chris trying the serious look!

Stephen stars alongside his best friend Chris Steed, also a hairdresser from Brighton, Gogglebox, the award winning show from channel 4.

They have arguably been the most outrageous of all the stars. Stephen said: “A lot of people think it’s a studio, but it’s actually Chris’ living room.
The two bring fun and laughter to the show and, on occasion, tears and sadness.

Stephen and Chris, looking rather smart for Specsavers

Fabulous faces of the duo 'Pop Art' style.

“We’ve had some great experiences because of the show; one of the major highlights was being in the company of the Queen at Buckingham Palace!”

"Gogglebox won a BAFTA during its first series and all the stars were given chocolate copies of the trophy, which of course we ate".

"We've met some great people; some with celebrity backgrounds, some that like what we do, and others who have visited our salon for a cut or colour, all because of Gogglebox". 

Daniel comes close to the Queen. Wonderful.

The boys win a BAFTA. Always fooling around.

Stephen and Chris meet the fabulous Olivia Colman.

Looking back at the shows Stephen said “There have been a few cringy moments" but he mostly remembers it being good fun.

Another award and a bonus, Christopher Biggins!

The one and only...Bruce Forsyth!

Quick snap with the gorgeous Babs!

stephen webb and chris steed meet babs