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Summer hair trends

Bringing the waves to this heatwave, here we are with your super sunny blog! This month, we’re all about the top 3 summer hair trends, that 70’s vibe, products we love, and what to pack in your hand luggage if your flight hasn’t been cancelled…Please god, don’t cancel us. Not. This. Summer. 1. Curtain bangs […]

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New Year, new job? Join the team!

Happy New Year! We’re practically half way through the loooongest month of the year and it’s time for some salon news. First up: WE’RE LOOKING FOR A BRILLIANT HAIRDRESSER TO JOIN US. Is that you?   Oh hair-lo If Christmas got you thinking, BRING ME A NEW JOB, SANTA, and you know your way around […]

Which hair tribe are you?

Trend follower? Traditionalist? Or definitely more a Can’t-be-bothered-with-all-that… When it comes to our hair, did you know we fall into distinct tribes? We sat down with Claire to get the lowdown on who’s who. (Don’t worry if you don’t recognise yourself in any of these, it’s just a bit of Black Friday fun.) ***WOO HOO! […]

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The Big 5-0 and some paw-fect news

Summer might officially be over for another year (err, where did that go?) But we’re not letting this one end like a little damp squib. Because hot damn, if the wonderful Stephen didn’t turn 50. When Daniel asked Stephen what he wanted to do for his 50th, he expected the answer to be along the […]

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Grey hair, don’t care

If, like ‘some of us’, your greys have got the better of you this lockdown, then this post’s for you. This year, instead of dyeing your roots back why not – gasp – embrace them? Go with the flow and go grey. Whisper it with us: grey hair is super on-trend right now… And if […]


We’re re-opening!

Oh happy days. We’re delighted to tell you that after what feels like a gazillion weeks away from you all, we’re re-opening the salon doors from Saturday, 4th July 2020. OHHHHH YAAAAASSSS. Imagine, after months in the wilderness your hair can be wonderful once more. First up – your safety and ours. We’ve taken on […]


Coronavirus and the salon

Coronavirus update Saturday, 21st March 2020 In line with the government’s latest advice on Covid-19, we’re going to be closing the salon doors tonight for 2 weeks. So it’s not goodbye, just a ta ta for now. We’ll see you very soon! It’s been a bonkers time, but your safety and the safety of our […]

Important information about the Coronavirus

PLEASE READ With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment with Covid-19, we want to reassure you that everyone at L&W is healthy and well – and doing exactly what the government is telling us to on Coronavirus. That means a lot of hand-washing, and keeping a very close eye on our […]

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Santa’s coming

Did someone say partay? Yaassssss it’s so very nearly Christmas! We can’t of course speak for you lovely lot, but everyone here at Lustig & Webb Haircut Towers is feeling super festive. And so, for the last blog of the season we thought we’d do a lovely pictorial round up of the last month or […]

Hot to trot

Happy birthday to the beautiful Jacqui, who we don’t celebrate enough on this blog. Here she is in the salon ❤️ looking as beautiful as ever! One minute hot, then it’s not. We’re having a proper English summer lovelies! In two shakes of Archie’s tail ? (beautified most recently with some Kevin.Murphy shampoo – because […]

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Summer Loving

Two things, gorgeous people of the internet. It’s nearly wedding season (shrieks into veil) and two, it’s practically officially summer, which means we now all have a totally solid reason to sport beach waves for 3 months. HEADLINE ACT Summer also means festival time. Sadly we don’t mean rocking in your welly boots straight to […]


Colour, colour, everywhere

Yes, your L&W blog is like a bus, none for years and then two almost at once. Almost. But as time waits for no man, we’re striking whilst the GHD curling iron is hot to serve you the latest realness from the L&W oven. And that realness is colour. If, like us, you’re desp searching […]


Oh hey, bae

Well it’s a (ahem, tres belated) happy new year from us, and what better way to greet 2019 than with a brand new blog talking all things gorgeous hair. 2018 was amazing. We had two marriages (yay for love!) And even though it’s January, and it’s going to feel like 2021 before winter is over… […]

Balayage, Baby

If you’re not too busy watching Love Island, you can see we’re back on the blog and we’ve missed you. This June, we’re all about colour – balayage to give it its proper term – and it’s so easy to see why. If you don’t already own some of your own balayage’d locks, it’s this […]

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Get smart with your colour.

Ever been surprised when you see slebs like Tay Tay and Kim K’s marvellous platinum hair appear in Grazia one minute and then the next it’s back to black? And you’re sure it wasn’t a wig? Well gorgeous people, we’ve got some Hollywood hairstyle news for you. We’ve got our gorgeous mitts on the latest technology […]

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Beach Hair Don’t Care

  Hello gorgeouses! The summer hols are upon us, so we thought we’d give you all the tips you need to keep your hairstyle working for you when it’s the last thing you want to think about on the beach, by a pool, camping in the rain, sunning yourself on your mate’s yacht in Cannes, or […]

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Accessories to DIY for

  We’re all hankering after summer, which is why we’re in the business of hot-weather hairspiration. Spare a thought this month for a new way to up your ‘do. It’s all about hair decor, and now help is at hand to combat those style-wrecking sweaty necked afternoons. These tips – with cues taken from the catwalks and celebs […]

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Wet Patch

You know when you think you’ve failed a bit at life when you leave for work in the morning with your hair wet? Well listen up hair slackers, for the wet look is back. Hi-gloss gel? Grab some. Wet-look-all-day? Hell, yeah. Blow dries? Laters. Perfect for when you want to claim another 5 minutes duvet […]

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Feeling quiffy

  Your 5-minute fixer uppers are back this week with a brand new instalment ready to get your hair looking gawg. This week there’s definitely some spring in the air and jaunt in our step as we’re feeling the love for the quiff. That’s right, quiffs are back and they rule. Time to bust out your inner, […]

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Hope on a Rope

  The 5-minute fixer uppers Got 5 mins to change your hair? Course! We’ve got some time-busting fashion-tastic tips and tricks for you to amp up your styling repetoire and get busy with new season fash. Welcome in the rope braid ponytail: seen here all over NY Fashion Week. So, if you’ve got long hair (we […]


Lustworthy hair treatments

  Winter blues Is all this winter playing havoc with your hair? Doctors Lustig and Webb are at your follicular disposal. And do you know what we say? We say get a treatment love. For a bargainous price of £15, let us add the lovely back in when you’re with us at the sink. Here’s what […]


Be my Valentine

The Big Day approaches. Awwww, Valentines. Are you feeling in the mood for love darlings? Course. Whether you’re going to celebrate V-Day in with your lover, out with friends, you’re impatiently waiting on a big proposal, or basically those big weekend plans simply involve mainlining vodka watching Bridget Jones’ Diary on a loop. We hope you get whatever floats […]


Taking Sides – to part or not to part

  CHOOSE YOUR SIDE As you know we like to change our hairstyles. Often. Last week we talked about the side sweeping fringe, this week we’re taking it one step further – it’s all about the power of the parting. Ever sat there in front of the mirror and tried to part your crowning glory in the […]


Pretty Woman

If, like us, you’re still fanning yourself over the delish engagement news, here’s a peek at Stephen’s bling (ooh, would you just look at the sparkle!) to complete the picture. That, and an article in Heat mag, obvsy.   Pretty Woman With January all about reinvention, have you got your place booked at our 1st MAC […]



HAPPY CHRISTMAS Darlings, it’s time to wish you a very happy Lustig&Webb Christmas from all of us, and to say a big THANK YOU to all our lovely clients for such a fabulous year! We hope your Yules are suitably gorgeous, merry and bright. Christmas and New Year opening times: 29th December – open as usual. […]


It’s a Gogglebox Christmas!

This issue of the Lustig&Webb news-athon is going all celeb-y – so pick up your princess juice and join us as Stephen has been going all A-list on us, with an interview this week on Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Coo! And because it’s nearly time to slump in front of the telly, […]


Get. Set. Gawg.

Feeling Christmassy yet? The Christmas cocktails are a-coming, and across the land, hair straighteners are smoking with overuse. Remember remember the salon will be closed (and we may just be eating our body weight in Ferrero Rocher) on the following dates. So first things first, have you got your appointments in…   Christmas Eve – open ’til […]



    VILLAGE LIFE YO. This week we plan to light up your life with news of the Hurstpierpoint Village Christmas shopping evening. Remember darlings it’s next Thursday, 3rd December! The roads will be closed so everyone comes out to have a wander and a shop, there are reindeer in the streets (we think) and lashings […]