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The Big 5-0 and some paw-fect news

Summer might officially be over for another year (err, where did that go?) But we’re not letting this one end like a little damp squib. Because hot damn, if the wonderful Stephen didn’t turn 50.

When Daniel asked Stephen what he wanted to do for his 50th, he expected the answer to be along the lines of: Hermes Fabulous Vuitton Sweetie Cocktails. Not, let’s go spend 8 hours going up and down a really tall, and bit-slippy-actually mountain in Scotland. Ben Nevis, for reals. And for charity. But that’s what they did.

It wasn’t even the tourist route. The really really hard one. It took them 5 hours to make it to the top. And 4 hours down.

These are the photos to prove it. And their little faces. Just look at them.

While it’s not everyone’s idea of how to celebrate a big birthday, it melts our cold, darks hearts on why Stephen chose it.

If you follow him on Insta or you’re a Faceache friend, you’ll see that he’s been raising money for the Little China Dog Rescue. This UK charity has been saving dogs from ending up as dinner since 2018. And yes, we know it’s not very nice to read, but these pups are often subjected to medical testing before ending up in the meat markets. Which is no fun whatsoever. The lucky ones are rescued by locals, and that’s where the Little China Dog Rescue comes in. The charity have set up  this amazing network where dogs are carefully shipped to loving owners in the UK and beyond – to their forever homes and a happy hound life. There’s more about the brilliant work they do (and how you can help them) here. Catch more of their good news stories on Instagram.

So far, the boys have raised the tidy sum of £309. Which is nearly enough to look after 3 rescues for a month (Covid-19 means the dogs are staying in secure kennels at the mo until it’s safe to travel again). 

Before we bow-wow-wow out, here’s a link to Stephen’s Just Giving page. If you can spare a couple of quid, like the supermarket slogan goes, every little helps. And all the pups would be proud of you.

‘Til next month,

Daniel, Stephen, Claire, Emma and the Poods xx