Be my Valentine

Kendall Jenner Chignon from L&W

The Big Day approaches.

Awwww, Valentines. Are you feeling in the mood for love darlings? Course. Whether you’re going to celebrate V-Day in with your lover, out with friends, you’re impatiently waiting on a big proposal, or basically those big weekend plans simply involve mainlining vodka watching Bridget Jones’ Diary on a loop. We hope you get whatever floats your (love) boat. Do it all people, but don’t let your locks get you down. At L&W there’s no excuse for hair that doesn’t look a-ma-zing this Valentine’s weekend.

Welcome to the easiest up-do to master that’s going to make your V-Day go with a scha-wing. We’re thinking classic, we’re thinking terribly chic, and we’re thinking: maximum gorgeous. Let’s get down to business with our 3 simple steps to the perfect L&W chignon.


The L&W Chignon

What you’ll need:

  • A fine toothed comb
  • Kevin.Murphy’s Body.Builder volumising mousse and Full.Again thickening lotion
  • 1 hair band
  • Possibly one of those donut things.

Step 1. We think cleanliness is next to godliness which is why we’ll start you off with a good wash. Don’t be smelly. Then you’ll want to blow dry your hair for maximum fullness. Let’s imagine Cheryl Fernandez-Versini big. Bouffy hair is brilliant to start off the chignon process, believe it or not. Add Full.Again lotion first, then a blob of Body.Builder mousse – the lotion is going to thicken each strand (thanks to essential oils and rayon particles) whilst keeping it soft, and then you’re going to amp up all that softness with a volumising mousse that adds flexible hold. Like we said: BIG.

Step 2. Part your hair in the middle or on the side, depending on how you like to frame your face, then use your fine tooth comb and start to tease roots gently (we mean gently, this isn’t the 80’s) from the crown. You just need a little fullness and this helps with staying power.

Step 3. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and then secure. Now here’s the tricky bit, you’re going to take the ponytail and pull it around the elastic band, cupping it as you go. If it’s easier and you have v long hair you can twist it first – so experiment with how it works best for you. Then when you’ve twisted it right the way around, tuck the ends underneath out of sight, or keep them dangling out if you want a more low key look. Voila. Then be like Kendall and accessorise with a red rose. Gawg.

Not feeling nimble? Swap the plastic band for a donut – or make your lives super perfect and come into the salon – our hair-up sessions are super special treats at just £50. We’ll ply you with love, attention, hair goodness. And cake. Lots and lots of lovely cake.

Stay classy HPP, love L&W x