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Beach Hair Don’t Care


Hello gorgeouses! The summer hols are upon us, so we thought we’d give you all the tips you need to keep your hairstyle working for you when it’s the last thing you want to think about on the beach, by a pool, camping in the rain, sunning yourself on your mate’s yacht in Cannes, or popping down Bognor Tescos for a 10-pack of Magnum.

However your summer exists, we’d like to think of you trotting off to cool music festivals, draping yourself over Mediterranean beaches, even heading out to the Cornish wilds, know this: your hair doesn’t have to be your ‘mare. These are our top 5 treats to keep you haute.


But first things first ladies and gents. Meet your new best friend. Your BF BFFF. So – you’ve heard of dry shampoo right? Of course. It’s the amazing powder-loaded spray ready to calm your coiff in-between washes. Well, the gorgeous people at Kevin.Murphy have gone one step further and combined all the grease-butsting power of dry shampoo with the gentle brilliance of their phenomenally fab hairsprays. Et Voila – Doo.Over. Trust us, you’ll love it as it sets your style with zero fuss AND keep the ‘this needs a wash’ situation under control. We love.


We love this hair hack from Shonagh Scott. Find the vid on YouTube (or book in and we’ll set you up). See how a trad French braid hen transforms your hair into beachy-waves. In love!

Yes, we know we aaaaaaaaaallllllllways go on about how fab this it, but STG, someone we know went on a camping trip with freshly nano-d hair and didn’t have to wash it for a week. A week! AND it looked good. And had nothing to do with smelly loos. So get booking darlings. And if you want more info, check back through the blog to see how it works.

‘Til next time darlings, enjoy your summer hair and see you on the beach!

Love L&W x