Colour, colour, everywhere

Yes, your L&W blog is like a bus, none for years and then two almost at once. Almost. But as time waits for no man, we’re striking whilst the GHD curling iron is hot to serve you the latest realness from the L&W oven.

And that realness is colour. If, like us, you’re desp searching for something to lift the spirits from the drabness that is the REST OF WINTER, then we’ve got a double dose this month.

Gather round, beautiful ones, for Daniel has been in that London. More specifically, the Sky Studios in Shoreditch, lapping up everything we need to know about coloured locks to bring back with him to the shires.

The 2019 L’Oreal Colour Congress to be exact.

A 2-day inspiration fest where the industry’s top cutters, stylists and trendsetters all come to impart their knowledge to the finest colourists in the business. With lashings of candy-coloured donuts, spray paint, and a gazillion new techniques for colour options, temporary and otherwise, all of L’Oreal’s new colour palettes are now in our hands, so come on in and chat to Daniel if you’re itching for a pale pastel or something bolder to change up your look from drab to dreamy.

Here it is in all its Technicolor glory, with this year’s focus on the 2019 Pantone colour favourite: coral.

Pantone Coral Hair


If you don’t already know (because life is lived sous le radar), our gorgeous Stephen has a new sofa companion joining him on the Gogglebox sofa. Tune in your tellyboxes this Friday night to see the 2nd instalment. (Clue: he’s cute and kind and has a beard).

Yas qweens. Daniel and Stephen are together on Gogglebox.

Clutches heart. Reaches for rosé. Repeat.

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