Get. Set. Gawg.

Christmas cocktails lustig and webb brighton

Feeling Christmassy yet? The Christmas cocktails are a-coming, and across the land, hair straighteners are smoking with overuse. Remember remember the salon will be closed (and we may just be eating our body weight in Ferrero Rocher) on the following dates. So first things first, have you got your appointments in…


Christmas Eve – open ’til 2pm.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 27th and 28th December – totes closed. Sad face.

29th December – open as usual. Yay.

31st December – here making you lot look hawt ’til 3pm.

Call in to book now, we’re so Christmassy we’ve even blinged up the loo.


Make-up by the experts

Now, we all think we know best when it comes to piling on the slap, but we’ve teamed up with our super talented MAC make-up artist Cara Donaldson to put on a very exclusive make-up tutorial event at the salon. Are you ready for the pretty?

From 4pm onwards, on Saturday 19th December, Cara will take you through the tricks, tips and skills of how to properly use your make-up – from contouring or natural looks to smokey eye loveliness – she’s got all the tricks of the trade up her stylish sleeves, just in time for a much more perfect you this Christmas! Phew. Purchase a ticket now.

Eyebrows on fleek? Sorted. Call us or call in – tickets are just £40 each which is a snip for so much pretty, wouldn’t you say?


Product of the week 

This week we’re all about getting hair under control – because everyone needs sleeker tresses in the run up to Christmas. So as the party season hits and you need a quick fix to take your hair from looking less like The Grinch and more like the A-List, we’re introducing Santa’s little helper – Kevin.Murphy’s Easy.Rider styling crème. Adorably anti-frizz, if you’ve got curls it gives them a little lift with added calcium, vitamin goodness and minerals all working in harmony to offer a nourishing treat as you style. If you want to banish the waves in favour of a sharper look, using Motion.Lotion is a great way to achieve shine on the go. Come in and grab some.

Next week? Well, glad you asked. Get your leisurewear prepped and your sofa face on. You can look forward to a festive smorgasbord of telly goodness, all featuring the gorgeous Stephen Webb.