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Get smart with your colour.

Smartbond at Lustig and webb brighton

Smartbond at Lustig and webb brightonEver been surprised when you see slebs like Tay Tay and Kim K’s marvellous platinum hair appear in Grazia one minute and then the next it’s back to black? And you’re sure it wasn’t a wig? Well gorgeous people, we’ve got some Hollywood hairstyle news for you.

Taylor Swift blonde

We’ve got our gorgeous mitts on the latest technology for hair colouring from L’Oreal and we think you’ll LOVE it. Welcome to your new colour-charged BFF: Smartbond.


There’s no compromise – just gorgeous colour. Go from black to blonde in one session. Then change it back again. How fabulous is that?

Anyway, in case you were wondering, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the science (steady, not that much) behind why colouring and bleaching can take your hair from Heeeeeeeyyyyy Girl to Ho No.

Guess what bonds do? No. Not James. Not finance-y things. Not that nice street in London, either. Bonds are the things that give strength and flex to your hair so it moves and shines and thus, makes you feel all swishy and good.

Whenever you colour, bleach, relax, perm, straighten or even Nanokeratin your barnet, these are the things that can get damaged in the process. Break a lot of them and that’s when your hair looks really – and we mean really – bad.

Smartbond is a 3-step strengthening system for colour and bleaches, so it protects, and strengthens as you colour. The result? Hair is stronger, softer and shinier at the end of it. Plus, if your hair is already damaged, sensitised, dull, coloured, highlighted or bleached and you want a colour change – you don’t have to wait until your roots are down to your knees. Just do it!

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‘Til next time, love L&W xxx

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PS. Thanks to everyone for the gorgeous photos! x