Gimme Gimme Gimme


Stephen Gogglebox

None of this “Oh you don’t need to get me a present darling, I don’t need a thing!” nonsense goes on when we’re in charge of Christmas darlings. Heaven forbid. We love gifts and we love them all! But, if the thought of this month’s shopping with the hordes makes your hair droop, what you really need is a dose of festive gift-giving, Lustig & Webb style. Are we ready for good things people? Well then, let us begin.

So this week we’re all about the fine art of gifting. Which means, if you haven’t got your mitts on Stephen’s new Gogglebox Calendar (hello, spring!) or the fab book as stocking fillers, then head out this minute and get grabbing.

Then, because we love you, we’re going to take your hair on a journey to a winter wonderland, where it never goes frizzy, whispy or out of place again. And to kick things off, ever wondered what goes into your shampoo at the salon? We do. All the time, because as any good stylist will tell you, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will take your mane from just washed to just right.


If you’re stuck for something to pop under the tree, are yearning for stocking fillers that aren’t actually socks, or you just want to treat someone you love to nicer looking hair, then we’ve got some seriously gorgeous gifts in store. Get your mitts on the Hold & The Hydrated, Angel Doo and Colour Bugs by Kevin.Murphy. Happy holidays are made of this.

ghd products at LustigandWebb salon

But what everyone really, really wants for Christmas is our ultra-smoothing GHD hair straighteners. Product of the week, in platiniuum, we’ve got them in pink, too – with £10 going to Breast Cancer Awareness – so you can feel doubly good.


Next week: exciting news about MAC make-up and prettifying your faces.

Til then, happy shopping all x