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Grey hair, don’t care

If, like ‘some of us’, your greys have got the better of you this lockdown, then this post’s for you.

This year, instead of dyeing your roots back why not – gasp – embrace them? Go with the flow and go grey. Whisper it with us: grey hair is super on-trend right now…

And if it’s done right – and by right we mean not left to its own devices – you can change-up your hair – and your hair dyeing routine, forevs.

Instagram has a bajillion grey-haired influencers now, and we are fully on board with some of these super stylish locks. These people have had the patience to fully grow out their greys, and chart their follicular ‘journey’. The downsides to a lot of their lewks is that it can take a while to grow hair and achieve that fully au naturel look. Which is great and all, but it’s really where we come in.

Dipping a toe in

Ok so this going grey thing has all sorts of psychological undertones, and we get that. We’re not here to make you feel old, quite the opposite – we’re here for all your fabulousness. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be scary. When you come in to see Daniel or Claire – both amazing L’Oreal Colour Specialists – they can work with you to look at your current hair colour and your skin tone to make sure any changes you make are going to suit you from head to toe. Whether you’re salt and pepper, fully platinum, you’ve got black hair and want to see what silver highlights do, you’re bronde (yes it’s a word), white round the front, you’ve got a Morticia Addams streak you want to love, or you’ve been dyeing for so long you’d just like to well, know, then let us help.

Mythbuster No.1: Going grey will make me look sallow and washed out!

It doesn’t have to. As with any change of colour, you might want to experiment with new make-up o

r even clothes, but pause, b r e a t h e – because having grey hair means you can really rock a pop of colour on your lips; bright oranges, reds and pinks in particular look fab with grey hair.

Highlights and lowlights in cool tones are gorgeous on greys – and a subtle way to experiment if you’re a bit salt and pepper, too.

Mythbuster No. 2: I’m going grey, does that mean I have to be blonde now? 

No it doesn’t. Sure, be blonde if you want to, but you can honestly go all the colours of the rainbow. Tints are major news, they’re semi-permanent and we love the darker, blue-purple ones that really add depth and colour. Remember, you can go as wild or as mild as you like. Kelly Osbourne mauve or a hint of pink, we are lightyears ahead of the dr

eaded blue rinse brigade of yesteryear, and hey, if that’s your vibe, we’re here for that, too.

Lavender undertones lift grey hair really well and balayage is beauts – lightening up sections around your temples and sides to give your hair an ombre feel, framing your face and letting the back of the hair go darker. Layers look great alongside this too as it all comes together in a pretty softness without looking too New Romantic.

Pixie crop greyMythbuster No.3: I hate myself with short hair!

Errr. You don’t have to have short, grey hair if you don’t want to. Sure you’ll see quicker results if you’re growing out your greys with a shorter haircut, but we adore longer grey locks.

Mythbuster No.4: My hair will look horrible!

Grey hairs have a different texture than coloured ones, but we promise that with the right care – us + good shampoo and conditioner, regular treatments, etc – you won’t have a shameful frizz halo.

Sarah P's platinum hairBlonde ambition

One of our absolute fave customers ever, aka Queen of Rings Sarah P, comes to us on the reg to have her beautiful icy blonde colour amped up to the max. Originally fed up of dyeing her naturally dark hair every 29 seconds, she transformed her look gradually and is now a proper platinum blonde. If you’d like to be more Sarah, and let’s face it, we all do a little, then we need to advise patience. This is not a colour that can be achieved overnight, and takes hours of work in the salon chair to keep it in amazing condition and really bring out that whiteness.


Gold and silver? Yes please

If you’re already blonde but want to embrace the greys a bit more without committing, Daniel says an ash blonde hue works when you add in some soft grey highlights.


Just think. No more roots. There, we said it. Book a colour consult, you silver fox, you.

Love Daniel, Stephen, Claire and the pooches x