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Introducing… our L’Oreal Colour Specialist

 Lilac taylor

The Lilac effect

So you want to go lilac? We likey. This season’s hottest cool colour has got our attention and rightly so. Good for brunettes, best for blondes, on dark hair, if you want to go more pale and interesting this season, here’s how we do it in the salon. We’ll start (well, we say we, we mean our new RESIDENT COLOUR SPECIALIST Daniel – more below) and pre-lighten your hair, or tone if you’re already blonde. Then you’ll get a special colour mix crafted up that’s going to be totally unique to you – and because every client is different, you know you’re in expert hands. Daniel’s L’Oreal Colour Specialist hands.

So yes, if your locks resemble the colour of dirty dishwater and it wasn’t on purpose, those lowlights are well lacking, languishing somewhere in the tail end of the 90’s along with Belinda Carlise, and you seem to go for a colour and see it fade before your eyes, then darlings, it’s time to up your lustre.

Lilac 2

For those of your who didn’t know, Daniel recently went back to beauty school. A very posh beauty school in fact: The L’Oreal Academy. So this prestigious course only churns out a discerning few – indeed, there’s just 100 L’Oreal Colour Specialist in the entire COUNTRY. This means we’re more than a little excited to be able to bring his level of colouring skillz to the salon – and you.

lilac three

We love being on trend at L&W so let’s bring back bright and beautiful colour and keep your hair on-point. Come and see Daniel for deep consultations, pigments, colours that (actually) suit, and the latest colour techniques – we are all over that (so see our previous strobing blog post for more hair happiness). Lilac is one of Daniel’s favourite colour stories for winter, and if Taylor can do it, so can you.

Have a Lustig & Wonderful day. x

Cara Lilac

PS. Thanks as always to everyone on the world wide web for the lovely photos! We heart you!

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