It’s a Gogglebox Christmas!

Gogglebox stars on Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw

This issue of the Lustig&Webb news-athon is going all celeb-y – so pick up your princess juice and join us as Stephen has been going all A-list on us, with an interview this week on Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Coo!

And because it’s nearly time to slump in front of the telly, carb/choco combo in one hand, Babycham in the other, what we think you need this week is less shopping, more telly. With Stephen in it. Obvsy. Don’t forget it’s the last Gogglebox before Christmas this week, and if that’s not enough, if you haven’t pointed your mouses over to see Stephen’s Lotto ad yet, you haven’t lived darlings. He admits to a startling crush.

But we know what you really want, what you really, really want, is a meltingly soft meaty treat, covered in sauce, encased in buttery pastry. Know what I’m talking about? Yes, that’s you Higgidy Pies. Nom. Stephen & Christopher are their latest campaign, have a sneak peek at the shots below. It’s all about the hair net.


Product of the week 

We can’t leave you without a little hit of hair-raising loveliness, which is why this week we’re all about getting hair under control, because everyone needs sleeker tresses in the run up to Christmas. So as the party season hits and you need a quick fix to take your hair from looking less oh and more oooh, we’re introducing Santa’s little helper – Kevin.Murphy’s Easy.Rider styling crème. Adorably anti-frizz, if you’ve got curls it gives them a little lift with added calcium, vitamin goodness and minerals all working in harmony to offer a nourishing treat as you style. If you want to banish the waves in favour of a sharper look, using Motion. Lotion is a great way to achieve shine on the go. Come in and grab some.

You’re welcome! x