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June news: welcome, Emma H!

Emma Hayter joins Lustig & WebbBig big news this month as the lovely, the gorgeous Emma Hayter joins the Lustig & Webb salon family! She’s been with us since June 8th, and we’d like to say a huge warm and welcoming HELLO. Like a socially-distanced hug, but using words.

Emma, Claire, Daniel and Stephen are obvs all hard at work with your locks and this month we get to be a little greener about it. If you haven’t heard of the Green Salon collective yet, it’s in the salon now. We’re separating our waste – yes even the PPE and the hair – which gets picked up and sorted by these wonderful people – before being turned into new tools, compost (hello, clean energy from towels) and more. If you haven’t seen them, they’re on this website and here on Insta.

Newness, incoming.

The latest follicular transformations include some newness you might not have heard of yet. First up: root melt. Basically, for those of us who rock a lighter hair colour and dread the appearance of roots every four seconds, fear no more. Root melt dials down the root shock factor, and this is where the team put their magic in. Think of a root melt as less of a cooling summer drink, and more like you’ve had a full head of glorious (lighter) colour, and your roots naturally blend in. So you get lived in, rather than gosh-would-you-look-at-that.

Next up – baylage.

No, we didn’t just have a sneeze over the computer whilst spelling balayage, because baylage is another newness you’ll love. It takes all the goodness of balayage, and all the tricks of a root melt, and combines the two. Another tick for that effortless, lived-in look. You’ll get balayage at the front so a lighter, face-framing, aren’t you gorgeous vibe, combined with a much more natural root melt. Everything is all blended in, and really toned out for the rest.

Straw hair panics.

As with any type of hair transformation, if you’re going near the lightener, thoughts can stray to: will I end up with straw for hair panics. Brand new to the salon this month is one such treatment that ushers in that healthy hair shine. That’s right, we’ll be lushing up your locks with the latest from L’Oreal, – Metal Detox. It’s not a goop-style tuna elimination diet detox, rather a new, patented hair care system from Les Professionels. There’s a spray pre-dye, and then a shampoo and a treat for after you’ve got all that lovely colour locked in. L’Oreal found that excess copper in our hair contributes to breakage when it gets pre-lightened, balayage’d and so on, so they found an innovative new way to stop that happening, and voila, Metal Detox is at your service.

Last-up – badly edited pics!

Hey we’re not designers. Forgive us our cut and paste sins. Here’s a selection of our fave root melt and baylage pics this month, including (lest we forget as we just swooned a little) rose gold hair. So pretty, so pastel, so sign-us-up-now, please.

Till next time, big love from us