Lustworthy hair treatments




Winter blues

Is all this winter playing havoc with your hair? Doctors Lustig and Webb are at your follicular disposal. And do you know what we say? We say get a treatment love. For a bargainous price of £15, let us add the lovely back in when you’re with us at the sink. Here’s what we can massage in to make you feel gooooood.

Hair treatments at Lustig and Webb hairdressers brighton

Treat 1 – The one for fine, coloured hair – Angel.Masque is the heavenly treatment to counteract unhappy, fine, coloured hair. It naturally thickens, strengthens and conditions using gorgeously transcendental extracts of quinoa, bamboo and Lotus Flower.

Treat 2 – The go-to for broken hair – When your hair is on the damaged side, time to bring out the big guns. We use Born.Again – this Omega-busting conditioning treatment comes packed with anti-oxidants to care for your hair.

Treat 3 – The one that calms down frizz – Hydrate-Me.Masque is perfect for hair that’s coarse, frizz-tastic and will also work on coloured hair that needs a proper smooth-out. Vitamins deliver a hydrating, moisture-packed punch (not literally).

Treat 4 – The Cher – Young-Again.Masque is the turning back time one. When those locks are dying for a hit of youthful elixir, this super restorative masque has Baobab seed oil, rice protein and lovely Amino acids in – perfect for dry, damaged and brittle hair.

If you want to come in and grab your own, here’s how to do it: cleanse your hair and add your treatment, leave for 15 mins, rinse and then add your conditioner. That’s what’s going to seal all the goodness in – otherwise all your good work runs down the plughole.

NanoKeratin at Lustig & Webb

The ultimate hair treat

If your locks are consistently getting too-busy-with-the-frizzy, then calm them down a notch with the newest – and most gorgeous treatment to come into the salon – the Brazilian nanokeratin system. For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, it’s a long-lasting treatment that works to expertly smooth down follicles and achieve the silkiest tresses imaginable.

It re-charges and repairs hair from the inside out, so coloured hair gets a hug and damaged hair feels like a thing of the past. What’s more it’s designed to work with your hair’s natural texture so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got frizzy hair that curls or naturally straight hair, chemically straightened hair or you just want to spend less time glued to your straighteners – nanokeratin will have it shiny, strong and smooth.

If the air is not your friend, and any touch of heat, wind or humidity makes it go phooof, we think it’s life-changingly lovely. Come in and chat to us, it’s just £99 and it lasts 3 whole months. Just imagine what you’ll save on hair-calming schemes.

Love L&W xx