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L&W Wedding Hair Guide – Part One

Wedding season is officially upon us.

Which is why our resident hair-y godmother Daniel Lustig has all his top tips for the kind of big day hair you’ll really feel great in. From getting the best tresses imaginable in the lead-up to finding that all-important look that works for you, here’s the long and the short of it in one handy go-to guide. Yes, it’s finally here: The Lustig & Webb Guide to Wedding Hair, part one – fab ideas and inspo for hair to say ‘I do’, to.

What to do first?

Well, you’ve said yes. Yay. Now the fun happens.




Let’s start at the beginning. For truly great wedding hair needs a little TLC. Daniel says it’s never too early to get your hair healthy, wealthy and wise – and that means investing in regular trims and in-salon conditioning treatments to improve your hair from the outside in.

In the salon, we use Kevin.Murphy products because they are chock-full of perfectly pH balanced, natural hair-loving ingredients with no sulphates or mean, nasteh stuff. And when you’re in-betweeny, treat yourself to conditioning masques to use at home, treat yourself to Daniel’s favourite treatments – the Nanokeratin System Revitalising Mask for normal hair and Nanokeratin System Refining Mask for coloured hair. If you’ve always hankered for tresses that are silky smooth and sleek and haven’t tried our Nanokeratin system straightening and conditioning treatment yet, now’s the time to think about it as it calms the frizz and the flyaway for up to 3 months and is well worth the investment.




If you’d like to add a little lift, proper height, fullness or length, hair pieces are so good these days you’ll never know they’re in. Daniel’s tip? Invest in a hair piece – or two. These gorgeous little helpers work on anything from a bob down, and in Brighton the best he recommends are found tucked away at 3-4 Duke Street at Nubian or online if you look for the Remy brand. If you want any help matching up your locks just pop into the salon, it’s important to get these things perfect.




If you’re stuck on your look, never fear. You want your hair, up, down, half and half, you’re thinking veil that covers you and the entire congregation, or you’ve got your vintage accessory you want to make a feature of – we’ve rounded up the classics and the favourites from 2016. And remember, the classics will never fade, but Daniel’s major moment has to be the braid – and not a barrel curl in sight.

Recent Big Day favourites in the salon include a rock and roll wedding in Hurstpierpoint where the bride asked for hair up that was textured and not too tidy, but there’s no hard and fast rule book – it’s your day darling!. We’re always partial to an up do, but another of Daniel’s on-trend tips are waves with sides up.


Congrats to our gorgeous Jacqui, too, who is now offish Assistant Manager. Go Jacqui, we heart you!

L&W x