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Oh lewk, it’s Spring!

Oh hey you, welcome to the Spring issue of the blog, specially for all you gorgeous people with your great hair out there.

As ever it’s been a very busy time of things at Lustig & Webb Style Towers. We’ve been being all on the telly and tings (Daniel’s hair was described as ‘luscious’ – thank you, we love). We’ve cut lots of hair and swished up your faces because that’s what we do. And by God you all look gorgeous for it.

Salon news

We’ve been pimping up the place a little and we hope you like the new lights (pictured)…nothing like a flattering light darlings.


Got Talent? We need you

Are you an altogether amazing stylist, colourist and cutter? Of course you are! Hunny we need to chat, as we might have just the job for you at our Hurstpierpoint salon. Call in, call us, and come armed with a portfolio of all your best lewks and your CV that will DAZZLE OUR EYES and we’ll chat. You can even apply on Facebook here (just click the link).

Kevin Murphy product alert

If you haven’t got Kevin Murphy in your hair repertoire yet then srsly WHYYYYYY. This Australian brand has big love from us. Firstly, the ingredients are on point, with no nasties, so when you use them you just know you’re dealing with lovely, natural ingredients that make hair better. They’re cruelty free, too and if that wasn’t enough, from mid this year their bottles will all be made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. They’re the first ever beauty brand to do this, and we think that’s something worth celebrating. Introducing some new products we’re excited to share with you, just in to the salon.

First up: COLOURING.ANGELS. Kevin says, they’re “like lip gloss for your hair”, and we’ve been using these four conditioning colour glosses to pep up colour in-between salon visits. They come in 4 shades – AUTUMN for natural or rose gold hair, COOL for those who need a dose of cooling ash assistance. Then you’ve got SUGARED vanilla for hair that needs toning down a tad, and the CRYSTAL is a shiny all-rounder.

I woke up like this. Said no one, ever. But now you can wake up with the best BEDROOM.HAIR. Not the “I had a really bad no pants to school dream and got a sweat on” hair. Bedroom Hair delivers a flexible, texturising spray that still allows a bit of movement. No one wants hair that doesn’t move anymore. It’s just not cool.

Before you hit the hay

We’ve waved goodbye to winter (bored of that now) and one of us bought a horse. Because well, OBV. Spring is when you buy a horse, right? We cant(er) even begin to tell you how wonderful he is. Welcome to the fold, Archie Lustig-Webb.

He’s already got a colt following (shhh).