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Sashay into autumn

sashay into autumn

Stephen & Daniel in the salonWell it’s offish sweater weather, and that means another new blog to cosy up to.

The end of summer has been a busy one in the salon, so we’ve got all the highlights (see what we did there) right here for you – new hair, new colour, and new everything. Enjoy your bumper issue!

So saddle up, grab a brew (or something tinkling and cold, no judgment) and join us for a nice little sit down…

Salon so good

Oh hey cutie, have you seen…we’ve had a little facelift! The transformation is complete and your L&W salon is now a beautiful blue haven of lushly painted walls, gorgie mirrors, draping plant life and gold accents (who doesn’t love a gold accent?!). And this picture, which we actually live by. We hope you like it, it’s all calming and v flattering light, ackch.

We got new pinnies, too, all leather and monogrammed (so you can’t miss us).

New season, new do’s

Add in some colour to your life with Daniel’s balayage skills that can give a nice little lift to your face and your hair. We’ve talked about balayage before but if you’re new to that particular party, it’s where your colour is hand painted on to the hair (rather than in foils) to help you achieve a highlighted halo effect around the face that works with your skin tone, and then around the rest of the hair to bring light and lustrousness to those locks. Sign us up.


Yes girl. Yes colour.

We’re just leaving these two amazing hair colour pics with you, one by MJ and the other by Daniel. Fierce. Hot. Cool. Yes girl.

If you’re an actual hairdresser and aren’t already following Lustig & Webb’s instagram account where we totes nicked this image from, MJ used a 6.40 on roots, using 8.43 and 7.45 on ends – finished with achromatic wash. You’re welcome.

Styling advice alert – waves at home!

If you’ve always wanted to get a beachy wave but you end up more Edna from down the chippy, Daniel’s got this life-saving advice for you. When you get a bit mixed up with what wand should go where, and create more wonk than is strictly necessary, guess what? He recommends not looking in the mirror. GASP. And it works (we’re more hairdon’t than hairdo and we tried it). Mind those pinkies, and give it a go.

  1. Section your hair (we often can’t be bothered to do this and it’s a cardinal sin, spesh if you have a lot of it)
  2. Take a section


  1. Look away from the mirror
  2. And curl it around your tongs, styling device or Dyson Superduperness if you’re a gazillionnaire
  3. That’s it.

May the curl be with you.

Gogglebox telly fun

Catch up on the boys trip to their friends’ gorgeous, and little bit secret cocktail bar Hey Palu  in Edinburgh, run by certified OG cocktail creators, The Palumbos.

Plus, Daniel and Stephen got to celebrate at the Pink Party Awards recently with none other than UK Drag Race’s, BagaChipz. Apparently she’s shamaze. We can only dream.

More good news, as many of you who follow Stephen and Daniel on social, Stephen’s beloved horse Archie suffered a shocking leg fracture recently that left him having major surgery to correct not one, but six fractures. The great news is he’s finally up and around, and even let Stephen cuddle him. Hurrah!

Until next time, lots of love from L&W x