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Show off your curls, girls

Go Madonna at Lustig & Webb


Well, we were in a bit of a hair pickle at Lustig & Webb towers this week with the breaking news that perms are in. Yes, you did read that right: Perms. Are. In. We didn’t even think they still existed. Because, if you’re a child of the 80’s, or you have a parent that was, or you simply have access to the internet, you’ll probably have borne witness to, or been a willing participant in a cheeky – and totally chemically created – curly mop. Just look at the Schumer.


We’re just going to get down to the straight and curlies on this however and say tight curl, crinkle cut crisp effect, corkscrew, demi-wave, wrong.

In our books, curls are in, but perms, they are so out. Definitely, definitely out. They can stay out, too, even with new promised hair technology around us. Because for us, it’s all about having flexibility with your style, not locking something that’s going to grow out strangely in a couple of months. And as Daniel says, you can never get that natural curl look from a perm. Like ever. And we believe him because he is a professional.

Here’s how to create your own mop of killer curls, sans the bad stuff. What’s more, these pretty things will last as long as you want them to.


Already own a head of curls or waves?

Then you need the power of a new product. As if by magic, Kevin.Murphy’s latest is going to be your BFF as it’s a leave-in crème that you just activate in damp hair by scrunching it to release the goodness. Packed with plenty of anti-frizz properties we promise you won’t just end up with a hair halo.


Got locks that stay resolutely wave-free?

Then you’ll want to get your curling wand on. Curling hair at home is actually super effortless with the GHD wand in your hand, what’s more, we’ve got the latest GHD treats in the salon for a gorgeously primed £120. Make sure you hair is dry before you start, comb it through to de-tangle and split into sections. Grab the Kevin.Murphy Damage.Manager which comes fully loaded with all those essential oils and extracts that deliver maximum heat protection. Then start at the bottom of the hair and twist up – the less you twist up towards the root, the more natural bounce you’ll achieve. If you’re a bit more of a whizz with a roller, then these are great for that Hollywood wave, but do be careful and don’t go all corkscrew on us. Please. We’re not Madonna.


Salt sprays like Kevin Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray help give you that day at the beach look, rather than caught in a hurricane off the side of the ferry look.

Obvs, salon-perfect curls are only achievable in the hands of the professionals, so come in and let one of our gorgeous team put the bounce back in.

Stay gorgeous, love L&W x