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Strobing the L&W Way

Gigi Hadid hair strobing, lustig and webb

Happy Friday y’all! Autumn is in the (h)air – which means it’s high time to work in THE new season colour!

What with the lovely Daniel spending hours of degree-worthy hair time each week in London, studying hard for our hair, each month he’s bringing us the most amazing colour and style news back to the salon that we’re excited to share with you. And this month, we’re saying move over Balayage, because Strobing is here, and we LOVE IT.

So you all know about make-up contouring right? Just the little dabs here and there of concealer that do their indescribably brilliant lightening or darkening magic, creating cheekbones from marshmallow puff, disguising what you don’t like and showcasing what you do? Well, that is exactly what strobing is for your hair. Trust us. It’s A. MAH. ZING.

Daniel Lustig tells us it works a little like this:

  1. It suits everyone. Believe him when he says this. You’ll notice a difference from bob-length hair down, it’s not really a short hair thing, soz shorties
  2. In a nutshell, we’re contouring your hair by blending in a natural tone to your existing hair colour to give it a little lift. (Who doesn’t love a little lift?), so a little dark and a little light and voila, enhanced natural beauty
  3. According to Daniel it’s this combo that’s basically so anti-ageing – think of it like your Creme de la Mer of hair. It’s done with a brush, in all sorts of angles and across the hair, with our in-house experts who know exactly where to apply it to accentuate cheekbones and get eyes bright and beautiful.
  4. This double dose of gorgeous light and shade creates what’s called a strobing effect, and just the same way as a dab of bronzer would, this effect can lighten and brighten up the face in seconds.

Strobing hair at lustig and webb hurstpierpoint

We’ve picked our favourite strobing pics above (thanks, internet style peeps!) to show you some more strobing sorcery. Come in to the salon and get a full analysis – our colour consultations are always free and our colour change costs from £60.

Now, less hair chat, more gossip about Stephen and Gogglebox. If you haven’t seen this already, Stephen and Christopher have published their very own memoir. Called We Need To Talk, it’s obvsys packed full of gorgeous tales and gossip, for you to laugh, cry and gasp as the boys take us through their childhoods and their journey to fame on Gogglebox. Buy it for yourself, stockpile for the upcoming Christmas season, and head over to Amazon now – it’s only a tenner (and 49 English pence). We’ll be chatting about it more in the next blog, plus some lovely birthday news.

Next month we’ll be bringing you lots more colour inspiration too.

Get your strobe on, Love L&W xx

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