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Summer hair trends

Bringing the waves to this heatwave, here we are with your super sunny blog! This month, we’re all about the top 3 summer hair trends, that 70’s vibe, products we love, and what to pack in your hand luggage if your flight hasn’t been cancelled…Please god, don’t cancel us. Not. This. Summer.

1. Curtain bangs to Overgrown Fringe
We’ll start with our favourite, because the 70’s are coming to town and we are here for them. Curtain bangs basically just means a soft fringe that cascades gently down to the bridge of your nose, and we don’t need to tell you what an overgrown fringe is. There’s lots to love here as you can just have the fringe or you can take it fully Farah and get the full 70’s hair trend in with layered flicks if your hair is longer. PS Layered is also a VBT (very big thing). We are loving Frankie’s gorgeous take on it…

2. 90’s
We thought we’d have to yell brace brace at you then because, *whispers* there has been talk of Sarah Beeny style stripes making a comeback. But really the 90’s aren’t going anywhere soon, with a Boy Band Bob that’s gone all softer on us. Let’s face it, bobs are always in fashion, especially in summer. But what you’re going to really be in to, is the Rachel 2.0. Yes, that hairstyle. The one we all wanted. Thanks to Sal Saledo who not only nails it, but makes us want to be Rachel 2.0 all over again.

3. The Curly Mullet
There’s the Wolf Cut (think FKA Twigs), and the Shullet (that’s a shag and a mullet for the uninitiated). And now you’re going to want this new mullet in town, because she’s soft and curly. Welcome in: the Curly Mullet.

Have hope, will travel
If you’re on a hand baggage only getaway this summer and beyond, we seriously recommend investing in some security friendly Kevin Murphy minis. They’re small enough to pop in that annoyingly small plastic bag to sail through airport security, and you get a good amount of product in to soothe your sun kissed locks with, and ensure they look gorgeous post beach. What price beauty we hear you cry? £7. £7 is the price of beauty this year, people.

Nanokeratin Pure alert
Attention! We’ve got some very heatwave friendly news. The science behind nanokeratin (the serious supersmoother that lasts up to 3 months) has just got even better. Now, you don’t have to leave on the special treatment for 72 hours and come back into the salon with chip shop head for the final wash. IT CAN BE DONE ALL IN THE SALON. Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It just takes three hours. So if you want to defrizz for a smooth-as-silk summer, put your pounds towards the new Nano Keratin Pure. It costs from £140.

Treats by the till
Lulu McQueen’s delicious silver, brass and copper jewellery looks super pretty by the till, and you’ve been treating yourself to her very wallet-friendly prices. She’s a friend of Stephen’s and a Brighton local, and we just love her earring designs, from pretty studs to bigger statements for your lobes. Check out her instagram here

Did we mention we won a Bafta? Shucks. So honoured. So humble. So happy to be part of the Gogglebox family…here’s Daniel and Stephen’s acceptance speech.

Thanks to refinery29.com, Vogue and Glamour for the inspo.