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Summer Loving

Two things, gorgeous people of the internet. It’s nearly wedding season (shrieks into veil) and two, it’s practically officially summer, which means we now all have a totally solid reason to sport beach waves for 3 months.

blonde-kink-styled-best-hair-salon-brightonHEADLINE ACT

Summer also means festival time. Sadly we don’t mean rocking in your welly boots straight to Wilderness, but the new festival collection ghd’s in pretty rainbow colours. Available in platinum and gold, there are pimped up hairdryers, wands and tongs. Starting at £99 they’re all waiting in the salon for you to treat yourselves to.


No, we really did. If you are thinking of keeping those LA waves going al fresco this summer, we’ve got just the must-have product. A new delivery of Kevin Murphy’s amazing Bedroom.Hair has landed. Part hairspray, part dry shampoo, part wax, all gorgeous blue bottle – it delivers just the right dose of awesomeness in every spray, and needs to be in your handbag or man bag immediately. Honestly – just. so. good.


If you’re planning on a big moment, make sure you say ‘I do’ to our L&W wedding trials. Basically your chance to have hours of fun with our in-house team of hair experts who will work with you to magic those tresses into your most beautiful lewk imaginable for the Big Day. Insider sources (OK, Daniel) tell us that the lovely beach waves we’re seeing for summer are all over les catwalks too, so think softer lines, curls and rose gold colours are just the thing.

We are all over the latest criss-cross clips, and whilst you’re at it, you don’t have to break the bank to get some gorgeous hair accessories in for this, either. Zara et al have gawg pearls and diamante hair bands online (we put the link in, see? HELPFUL) and in-store – a look that’s going to look as lovely for your big day as it is for everyday beach waves.


In other news, the boys went to Buckingham Palace this month to honour the Not Forgotten Society, someone had a birthday (shhh, a lady never tells), and we really enjoyed ‘tachegate on social. Who knew an upper lip could cause so much debate. Whichever side of the hirsute fence you sit on, we can safely report said lip is now hair-free and peachsome once more. Bit like Archie’s smile, below.

And that’s it for June! Daniel & Stephen’s first season sitting on the sofa together watching telly for cash finishes tonight on Channel 4. But never fear, the boys will back in September as Gogglebox returns for another, gorgeous new series.

Hope to catch you all in the salon soon.