Thin-spiration darlings (plus some WONDERFUL news!)

fatty and thinny

Yeah. We feel your pain. Put them carbs down love and get with the programme. Welcome to the new year! We don’t REALLY want you licking apples and eating air for those de riguer new year diets, so without further ado, let’s kickstart 2016 with the BEST. NEWS. EVER



Congratulations to our favourite boys. For those of you who didn’t see it online, here’s a teensy photo journey celebrating everything we heart about the gorgeous couple.




(Russell Grant’s tweet is prob our favourite tweet. Evs)


Plump up the jam

Back to hair, people. So…you’ve tubbed up, your hair is falling flat – let us be your thinspiration! You might not be in St Barts, or drifting off on a beach somewhere, and you’re deffo not sipping cocktails at the Oberoi. Chances are your hair needs a new year makeover. Everyone knows that hair that’s on the fine, flyaway side looks great when it’s just washed, but then falls as drippy as a fringe in a chip shop. We feel your pain. The good news is, we’ve got just the thing to combat the limp and the lifeless. Introducing BODY.MASS from Kevin.Murphy. This is one of our fave products at the salon we use both for treatments and styling. A marvelous pink powerhouse that actually harnesses technology normally used in eyelash thickening and lengthening to deliver a double dose of goodness. You get increased circulation to the scalp, which in turn helps promote the growing phase of your hair, plus instant thicker and fuller looking locks. What’s not to love? Come in and get yours in-store.

See you next week! Love L&W x