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Wet Patch

slick hair courtesy of daks

You know when you think you’ve failed a bit at life when you leave for work in the morning with your hair wet? Well listen up hair slackers, for the wet look is back. Hi-gloss gel? Grab some. Wet-look-all-day? Hell, yeah. Blow dries? Laters. Perfect for when you want to claim another 5 minutes duvet time and still be totally on point, this is another one of our super easy 5 minute fixer uppers everyone can master.

But listen up, now is not the time to think you can just slather on the wet look gel and go. No. Big mistake. Huge. If you’re going to rock the ‘just out the shower/gym’ look you’re going to do it with aplomb. And here’s how:



Happily, you’re already on a winning streak, shorties. Providing you’re not in possession of the other top ‘do of SS/16, the buzz cut, just take a fine toothed comb and some Kevin.Murphy Super.Goo and swoop and slick straight back or over to one side before spraying with a little Session.Hair. A side parting works more chic in too, but remember you don’t want to run a short gauntlet between Where’s Wally and The Person No One Talks To Again, Ever.



Bobs are a great way to get the whole of your hair sleeker whilst keeping it glamorous. just keep the top section wet or very carefully run the product through to the end, getting lighter with it as you go. If you’ve got hair which errs on the wispy, you might achieve better results by tying it back into a loose pony or a low bun and then repeat the swoop and slick with products above.



Rather wonderfully, you don’t have to step away from this trend darlings if your tendrils are of the cascading sort. In fact, it’s the look we like the most. Gel the top and leave the rest – or create a strong side parting and pop in a pony. Don’t however put loads of product all the way through your hair so you run the risk of injuring passersby in a strong wind. No. We’re not Kim K people, we’re going to look like a bit of a dirty gertie, aren’t we. And we want nothing less than gorgeous for you all.


‘Til next time, lots of love from L&W x