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Wedding Hair Part II – what to expect

Natural wedding hair by lustig & webb

If you’ve read our guide to wedding hair, part one, you’ll have read all about getting your locks in order thanks to Daniel’s toppest of tips, but here’s what to expect when you book your Big Day with us.



Come see us for a coffee or a glass of fizz in the salon and tell us aaaaaall about it. Your venue, your season, your dress, all the details. We love it all. Because, really, really – when it comes to your hair, we say there’s nothing better than a mood board. Bring it on. For us it’s like a show and tell that’s all about you. Head to Pinterest, rip up Vogue, bring in hair pieces, veils and clips and we’ll begin. don’t be put off by the thought of all that, because it’s a great way to figure out what you like – and what you don’t.



As part of the divine L&W Wedding Day package you get a one and a half hour trial where we can work up to three looks to get yours totally on fleek. It’s honestly a must, because it’s your chance to be really sure of your look on the day. We’ll sit you down with your hairstylist so you can go through – in detail – what works for you and all your options. In all Daniel’s years of experience in bridal hair, he’ll tell you that sometimes the wildcard hairdo ends up being the most perfect! If you’re wearing a veil or rocking some sparkles, bring it in along with your hairpieces we mentioned in last week’s post.



A week before the big day is the ideal colouring time. So if your greys need a cover (cheeky!) or your colour needs amping up, make sure you’ve booked time in for that in your schedule so it gives your hair time to settle and feel in perfect peak condition. Never, ever dye it the day or night before. That’s just a highway to stress and that’s not what we’re about here. It’s just you and your gorgeous hair.



So, the Big Day is finally here. Daniel’s tip: DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR! Unless your friends call you Chip Shop ‘Lil behind your back. In which case, probz do. In all seriousness though, washing your hair on the morning will strip it of all the essential oils we need to get it up and glossed out. Daniel’s next tip on this one is if you absolutely have to wash it darlings, leave out the conditioner. It means we don’t have to use 19 bottles of Elnett to fix it in place. Let’s face it, you don’t want to walk down the aisle with a fire hazard warning. (Also, we love Elnett but we only use Kevin.Murphy)



We come to you, you come to us. It’s whatever works for your day. So, timing-wise if you’ve got your Mum, 2 bridesmaids and you’ll be leaving for the venue at 12, we’d be with you at 8.30-9am ish. We always do the bride in the middle of the morning so your hair stays as fresh and as gorgeous as you.

Prices from £200 for the Bride and £50 for every hair up!

Love L&W x