We’re re-opening!

Daniel and Stephen in PPE ready to welcome you back to Lustig & Webb

Oh happy days.

We’re delighted to tell you that after what feels like a gazillion weeks away from you all, we’re re-opening the salon doors from Saturday, 4th July 2020.

OHHHHH YAAAAASSSS. Imagine, after months in the wilderness your hair can be wonderful once more.

First up – your safety and ours. We’ve taken on all the government’s latest advice to reopen and we’ve got to have you feeling as safe as possible. To keep you all well and avoid any nasty surprises, we’ve been hard at work making your new salon experience as safe and lovely as possible. So here’s what to expect when you come in.

2 days before your appointment you’ll get your reminder text as usual. That bit hasn’t changed.

On the day of your appointment:

Please arrive at your allotted time. 

Please please please come at your allotted time. Being early means you’ll have to wait outside which is no fun, especially in the rain, and being late causes the same headaches it always did, but now we’ve got even less chance to see you because…

It’s one in/one out. 

The front door is going to be kept shut and locked at all times. It’s not to keep you in like weird kidnappers, more to protect us all so we know exactly who is meant to be in the salon at any given time.

Please come alone.

We love you, we love your friends and your kids, your extended families, even your gorgeous pooches, but as you’ll see in the salon when you come in there’s now a massive space issue. We can’t accommodate more than one of you, so if you come with your crew, we can’t see you, soz.

PPE and us.

It’s plastic fantastic in the salon, people. We have installed new protective plastic screens in between stations for you, and we will be wearing face coverings (the long visors you’ve seen on the news), disposable gowns (sadly not the Balenciaga ball gown ones) and aprons. There’ll also be a lot of cleaning and sanitising going on around you, all day, every day.

No cash payments.

You can only pay by card when you come in. We love a roll of notes and the clink of coins as much as the next person, but we’ve taken the decision a lot of other shops and services have and decided for the short term at least to go cashless.

PPE and you.

We love you and want you to be well. So there are disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitisers for you to take, wear and throw away when you’re done. You’ll find them as you come in to the salon.


Please be patient with us.

This new way of working is as new (and weird) to us as it is for you, so thank you for choosing us, thank you for being safe – and we can’t wait to see you all back in the salon very very soon.

Lustig & Webb x