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Break the mould in rose gold

ghd intro

Bring your bling ladies and gents because we’ve got a bit of rose gold-coloured love to share with you this week. Namely, all the brand new rose gold (er, HELLO) ghd styling range is in at the salon, at ‘I’ll take that now thanks’ swoonworthy prices. Can we get a Friyay?

Let’s give you a little update on your new and improved smoothness-givers shall we? Apart from their envy-inducing lush looks, ghd have been busy upgrading these beauties to give you even better control over those lush locks. So that’s more smooth, less frizz. The brand new copper luxe ghd platinum® stylers promise greater control, patented tri-zone® technology which means IRL there’s three sensors in each plate so you don’t overheat your hair – so there’s 50% less breakage and 20% more shine to look forward to.

Next up in the limited edition copper luxe collection, we’ve got the ghd air® copper luxe professional hairdryer. Ready to transport salon strength air-drying power to you at a very wallet-friendly £99. Obvs it comes with a rose gold concentrator nozzle to focus that styling, variable temperature and heat settings and a cool shot button – that if you’ve never used before literally locks those locks in place. All with a flash of molten rose gold gorgeousness. Sa-woon.

ghd travel dryer

Right at the top of our Christmas hit lists is this piece of stowaway chic – the new ghd flight® copper luxe travel hairdryer. The perfect partner for travel, pop it in your overnight bag and you’ll never look back. It’s light but doesn’t compromise on power, so you’re safe to travel frizz-free. And at criminally (yes, we’re going there) low price of £60, it’s even easier to pop one in your handbag to bring home with you, or you can start the Chrimbo shopping early and hoard for December gift-giving. Aren’t you good?

Have we mentioned we love rose gold enough yet? No?

See you in the salon, love L&W x


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