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Hair-raising Metallics

Grey Rihanna

It’s Halloween on Monday, and we’ve got something gloriously spooksome up our frighteningly fashionable sleeves to celebrate. It’s hair-raisingly hair-riffic in our little celebrity salon in HPP (see what we did there? You’re welcome).

But back to it, because, for four gruesomely ghoulish days only, the lovely Victoria is spooking up L&W to put a little fright into your ‘fro, a little shock into your crop and a bit of cool ghoul into our favourite Autumnal hair-ly-day.

It’s hair-lair-ious.

Over Halloween come in for scary seats (whoarh), cobwebs to tangle in (ewww), cockroaches (PRETEND ONES PEOPLE) and motion-sensor spookathons – and all manner of ACTUAL SCARY THINGS rising to greet you. If you’re actually worried (tsk), it’s not all a gruesome graveyard.

So in the spirit of all things gloriously dead and alive, we’re celebrating the power of the grey today. With Daniel’s amazing new totally on-trend colour skillz, he’s been transforming hair into metallics. Metallics is like THE trend you need to know – don’t just think grey, think grombre, embrace rose gold metallics a la Emma Stone, work in lilac and darker metals. Just mix those metals, baby.

Mix those metals Rose Gold Emma Roberts taking over insta Rose gold GRombre at the HEar Salon Grombre

Bwa ha ha ha ha,

‘Til next time, Halloween love from L&W x

P.S. thanks all for the image use!

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